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Phillip Brouse

Founder & President – Franchise Consultant Florida

Phillip Brouse started out in Natural Resources Management, where he began honing his skills in project management and leadership. Having worked with, and for, both government agencies and consulting firms, Phillip has been involved with bringing people, companies, and government agencies together to work on a variety of projects of all sizes. Phillip has consistently been involved in reaching out to people and organizations to find common goals and solutions and has been a part of many educational programs.

Phillip always had a desire to have his own business and was not satisfied with the constraints of working for someone else. He has since founded businesses in photography, environmental consulting, and franchise consulting. He understands the process of going from employee to business owner and the motivation behind making that step; which is why he wants to help others through this process.

“Our mission is to assist others in fulfilling their dream of business and franchise ownership. World Choice Franchises does this by providing the tools and resources necessary to accomplish these goals and by assisting through each step of the process.”
An experienced, franchise consultant florida can help bring your business desires and goals, to reality. With personal interests ranging from ecology to art and photography, and from technology to educational processes, Phillip is passionate about sharing knowledge and creating success. He is always interested in helping others succeed, both personally and professionally. The business of growing successful businesses is exciting to him and helping others reach their goals and find their potential is ultimately rewarding to him.

Our Franchise Industry Focus

Medical franchises, health franchises, fitness & beauty; travel; food services; entertainment; environmental; technology; retail franchises

Our Unique Advantages

We understand the desire to work for yourself and the many motivations for making the move from employee to business owner. Here, at World Choice Franchise, we have brought together many resources to help you reach your goals of having your own business and are ready to help you navigate the process of reaching those goals; from identifying the right opportunity that fits you as an individual, to finally opening the doors of your very own business.

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