Starting a business, or any kind of venture, is a scary thing in many ways. It is a big decision and a huge step to take. As such, it is not something that you should try to do alone, it is going to take teamwork with both short and long term relationships. From a business partner, to a spouse, this list includes accountants, franchise & business brokers, attorneys, mentors, bankers, and even supporting friends, family and confidants. For a successful venture, each of these require some level of trust; some require a lot of trust.

Giving someone your trust can be hard to do at times, but it is worth it. In the long run, it is critical for any relationship to last and be productive. Obviously, you need to be careful of who you trust, but start out by being careful of who you intend to develop a relationship, of any kind, with. After that, go ahead and build that trust.

Part of building a relationship, is realizing that it is a two way thing; you can’t expect to be able to trust someone if you are not being the kind of person that they can trust. Conversely, you can’t expect someone to trust you, if you don’t show them trust as well. The other important thing to understand, is that, in order to accomplish this, you must also learn to trust yourself. This is perhaps the most important thing to do, though it can sometimes take a while to accomplish. As long as you are working at it though, you will be able to move forward.

Here is a video by Ze Frank about trust. I found it to be inspiring and hope that you do as well.

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